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Destination Point Defiance

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Coming to Point Defiance: Hammerheads,
new recreation space & more!

Destination Point Defiance Logo
Destination Point Defiance is a long-term comprehensive planning initiative started years ago to enhance the park’s experience and honor its character.

The capital improvement bond approved by voters in 2014 is funding much of the related construction work along with grants from the state RCO program, Washington State taxpayers, donors and other sources.

Construction Impacts: What's Happening


Week of May 22, 2017                   Construction Update (pdf)

Waterfront Phase I – Triangle

  • This week we are removing bridge pier falsework, placing ultra block wall and hauling out material from Lot B to Peninsula.
  • Visitors will see and hear excavators, loaders, dump trucks, forklifts, cranes.
  • Neighbors will see and hear haul trucks for equipment and material, cranes, forklifts.
  • Traffic impacts Pearl Street has a lane closed for construction of the pedestrian bridge. Drivers will follow temporary configuration.
    Work hours: 7 am-3:30 pm

Waterfront Phase I - Peninsula

  • This week we are installing placing liner and fill on top of liner, installing light pole bases and paving sections of the Yacht Club parking lot. Landscapers working on placing topsoil around the Yacht Club.
  • Visitors will see and hear excavators, loaders, and dump trucks along with trucks loading or hauling material or equipment.
  • Neighbors will see and hear trucks loading or hauling material or equipment.
  • Traffic impacts: Tacoma Yacht Club visitors will need to drive on paved and gravel roads to reach the club's parking lot.
    Work hours:7 am-3:30 pm

Environmental Learning Center

Work hours 7 am-4 pm Monday-Friday, with the potential for Saturday work

  •  Environmental Learning Center Update 5-16-17  (pdf)
  • This week waterproofing and siding will be installed on west side of building. Roof work continuing. Framing on exterior and interior walls continuing.
  • Visitors will see and hear: siding installation and workers on lifts on the west side of the building.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is collaborating with Tacoma Public Schools’ Science and Math Institute (SAMI) on an environmental learning center to serve SAMI students and staff, as well as Zoo visitors and staff.  Get ELC construction updates >

New Aquarium

  • This week: Forming of NW Waters tank walls, exhibit level concrete floor slab pour, temporary asphalt path on Zoo side.
  • Visitors will see and hear general construction noise, fence on zoo side upper path will be moved to facilitate temporary path.
  • Park neighbors will see and hear increased traffic and general construction noise.
  • Traffic impacts: increased truck traffic through the Pearl Street entrance.
    Work hours: 5 am-6 pm

Map of construction and parking changes

Click on a colored area to view information about the area:


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