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Culture, Heritage & Community Services Volunteers

Want to get involved? With more than 75 park sites throughout Tacoma and diverse program offerings, there's sure to be at least one volunteer position that's just right for you!

 Working on an Art Project COMMUNITY ARTS PROGRAMS
Share your passion for art and creativity by assisting with camps, classes, events and activities.
- Volunteer Application / Return to: Metro Parks Tacoma, Attn: Mary Tuttle, 4702 S. 19th St., Tacoma, WA  98405
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 471-0500
 Group in Front of People's Center COMMUNITY CENTERS 
Your local community center may need you! Community Centers operate best when the community is engaged in providing and using the services offered on site. Contact each community center directly if you'd like to get involved as a volunteer.
Center at Norpoint
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 591-5504
People's Community Center
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 591-5321
Portland Avenue Community Center
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 591-5391
STAR Center
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 404-3939
 Three Male Dancers at Ethnic Fest CULTURE & HERITAGE ADVISORY COUNCIL
This Board-appointed citizen group addresses policy recommendations, master and business planning, and other key decisions related to historic preservation, special events and arts programming as well as other programs, facilities and services operated by Metro Parks to foster appreciation of Tacoma's rich culture and heritage.
- More about this advisory council. 
- Questions? e-mail or call Tareena Joubert (253) 305-1073
Fort Nisqually Volunteer With Young Visitor  FORT NISQUALLY LIVING HISTORY MUSEUM
Teach others about the Fort's history through hands-on living history, behind the scenes support, research and more.
- Volunteer Application / Return to: Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, 5400 N. Pearl Street #11, Tacoma, WA  98407
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 591-5339
 Pier Peer Volunteer on Owen Beach SPECIAL EVENTS
Opportunities are available at a wide variety of special events year round. Engage in event promotion, production, and the generation of bucket loads of great family fun!
- Volunteer Application / Return to Metro Parks Tacoma, 4702 S. 19th St., Tacoma, WA  98405
- Questions? e-mail or call (253) 459-0236