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McKinley Park

Features You'll Find:
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  • DOGS
    • Off Leash Dog Park
    • Playground (2-5 yrs)
    • Playground (5-12 yrs)
    • Restrooms / Year Round
    • Trail / Soft
    • Skateboard

Open ½ hour before sunrise
Close ½ hour after sunset

907 Upper Park St.
Tacoma, WA 98404

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Pathways among the trees and new playground equipment draws residents from the surrounding neighborhood to enjoy the beauty of one of Tacoma's first parks (1901).

Park is 26.71 acres.

Three-year I-5 construction project happening around McKinley Park
Starting in August, 2014, crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation will begin a three-year, $168 million construction project to expand and improve Interstate 5 between South M Street and East L Street in Tacoma.

McKinley Park trails map. TRAIL MAP

Volunteers clear brush in McKinley Park FRIENDS OF MCKINLEY PARK are the volunteer natural area sponsors for this park. They help existing park service with litter pickup and removal, invasive plant removal, native plant planting, organized work parties and more.
Goats helping clear invasive plants at McKinley Park GOAT VISITS
September 2010 & 2011
 - During their one week visits, the herd of 240 goats helped protect the park's natural area as they consumed nearly 6 acres of English ivy, Himalayan blackberry and Scotch broom - invasive plants that are overtaking many naturalized forests. The goat visit was made possible through a City of Tacoma Innovative Grant awarded to the Friends of McKinley Park.
Chloe and Ruger - McKinley Off-leash

Approximately 7 acres of the lower trail area of McKinley Park. Just the lower portion is fenced, providing a barrier between the off-leash area and I-5.
McKinley Park Map

Chloe & Ruger

McKinley Park restroom building RESTROOMS
Open 9 am-dusk

This park boasts four streams and four wetlands. The largest of the wetlands was enhanced and expanded. It is considered a wetland of local significance by the City of Tacoma and provides many valuable benefits to the community.

Wetlands are, by definition, transitional areas between land and water. Wetlands support specialized plants, offer refuge and habitat for many species of fish, birds, and wildlife. Wetlands contain rich nutrients, absorb stormwater during floods, and clean water by filtering out pollutants and sediment. Wetlands are important ecosystems that can help restore the balance for both wildlife and people.

Current Pond Renovation
- The McKinley Park Pond is in need of repairs from leaking and creating washouts on the trails. This will require investigative work with a consultant to determine the issues and reasons for the leaking and provide information on how to renovate the pond for ease of maintenance and functionality. Work is being funded by the Parks Improvement Bond Measure, approved by the citizens of Tacoma in November of 2005.
Project Status 09/16/14 - Investigative work around McKinley Park Pond will be taking place over the next month. The following phases of work will be subject to those findings.
Project Manager: Kristi Evans, (253) 305-1054
Current-2014 Trail & Way Finding Signage - Trailheads will be improved and marked and way finding signage will be added to select main trails. The trailhead and way finding sign package will be based on the design for trail signage that has been developed for MPT's Natural Areas. Trail improvements, interpretive signage and other site furniture may be included in this project. Work is being funded by the Parks Improvement Bond Measure, approved by the citizens of Tacoma in November of 2005
Project Manager: Mary Anderson, (253) 617-8257
2013 Sound Transit Remediation Project re-created 0.45 acre of wetland (adjacent to an existing wetland), created a new stream channel, removed invasive species and planted native trees and shrubs to enhance 0.38 acre of existing wetland and removed non-native invasive plant species and replanted with native trees and shrubs to enhance 1.75 acre of buffer. The project constructed a trail segment and boardwalk to complete a loop trail around the site and an interpretive sign was installed. This project was funded by Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority ($1,500,000).
2006-2009 Master plan implementation including skatepark, playground, park infrastructure, and off-leash demonstration area.
Work was funded by the Parks Improvement Bond Measure, approved by the citizens of Tacoma in November of 2005. View McKinley Park Master Plan.

McKinley Park's strawberry hillHISTORY
On April 11, 1901 the Tacoma Land and Improvement Company donated 22 acres on the east side of the City.  Landscaping crews worked to transform the rough, steep hill into a scenic park where a natural spring fed a lily pond and pool. Read more about the history of McKinley Park.

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