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Mission, Vision & Values

Kids With Giant Globe Ball at Play In Peace Day in Wright Park

Good parks, open space and program services contribute to economic development by fostering economic benefits and promoting tourism. Environmentally, they provide green infrastructure and help manage climate change. Socially, they revitalize communities, create safer neighborhoods, help children learn and grow, improve public and environmental health, and support smart growth. Culturally, open space and program services can nurture a sense of place in the community, and provide opportunities to engage the public of diverse backgrounds.

Creating healthy opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Metro Parks Tacoma envisions a vibrant, active and engaged community.

These eight core values will guide future decisions, business and operations, and the manner in which MPT treats staff, customers and the community:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Equity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Safety
  • Fun