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Owen Beach

Drive to the beach along Five Mile Drive or follow the scenic waterfront promenade from the Boathouse Marina.

Owen Beach Picnic Shelter
Available for rent between April 1 and September 30 each year. Reservations may be made up to 365 days in advance. Learn More >

Food Concessions at Owen Beach
Open noon-7 pm daily during summer months (weather permitting)

Stranded or beached seals and sea lions
If you see a seal on the beach, give it room - at least 100 yards. It's the law! Dogs should be leashed and kept away.

Harbor seals utilize shoreline locations as resting places for several hours every day to regulate body temperature, interact with other seals and sleep. Chasing, tormenting, molesting, capturing or feeding these animals is harassment and is prohibited.

  • If you see a marine mammal being harassed contact NOAA Fisheries Enforcement Hotline (1-800-853-1964).
  • If animal has been on the beach for 48 hours or is clearly in distress (injured) contact NW marine Mammal Stranding Network (1-800-853-1964).
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Restrooms - Open 10 am to dusk year round. Restroom schedule

Kayak rentals - Kayak rentals at Owen Beach

project-status-iconPoint Defiance Owen Beach Improvements 
Site improvements at Owen Beach that include new restroom building, renovation and addition of new shelter, new playground, kayak launch and beach accessibility, parking, landscaping and walkway improvements. 
Status: 10/20/16 - A& E Contract awarded to SiteWorkshop for initial design plans and permitting services.