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Point Defiance Park Improvements

2014 - Point Defiance Water Main
The City has agreed to match $375 of Point Defiance bond funds in order to construct a new waterline into Fort Nisqually. MPT will manage the construction contract with COT oversight. COT will take possession after construction. The project is currently out to bid with bids due February 4. A new 8" line will tie-in to COT's system behind Tobey Jones. The 8" line will follow the pole-line easement behind Tobey Jones and over to the entrance road off 51st. Once inside park property, a 12" one will run alongside the paved road over to Fort Nisqually, cross over a section of the meadow and terminate by the restroom facility. The new water main will allow for elimination of the fire suppression water bladder near the Fort. The old waterline will be abandoned once all of the tie-ins to Fort Nisqually are determined. It is hoped that a contract award will occur in March with construction starting in April. The construction is expected to only take a couple of weeks once the logistics are worked out. There will be ASARCO plume soil contamination to deal with and about 12-14 trees will need to come down. The trees that need to come out will be marked the requisite 10 days.
Status 06/20/14: The waterline is complete.

Metro Parks is negotiating an inter-agency agreement with Ecology that generally covers the work to be accomplished and defines roles and responsibilities for each agency.
Project Status 11/09/12: Work at Point Defiance Park and Fort Nisqually is tentatively scheduled to occur in the winter of 2013-2014.
Project Manager: Department of Ecology (also paying for all of the work)

2013/Current - JAPANESE GARDEN IMPROVEMENTS - Be part of our vision to redesign the garden in an authentic Japanese style. To become involved contact Doug Fraser.

2013/Current/PATH TO RUSTON WAY - A dynamic promenade and boardwalk along the waterfront will link Point Defiance Park and Ruston Way. A park on the penninsula will also be created, allowing more recreation and natural space. The interim trail connection is expected to officially open November 1, 2013.
Status as of 10/05/12: Point Ruston's contractor is grading the bluff. The peninsula is being prepared for capping.
Project Manager: Curtis Hancock (253) 305-1052 

2012 - POINT DEFIANCE WATER UPGRADE - 18 water meters (deducts) were installed on the existing water systems to allow MPT to monitor water consumption. Nearly 7,000 lineal feet of main irrigation line was replaced—roughly the length of 20 football fields. The replacement is an important long-term solution to address leakage issues that have persisted, despite repairs over the past decade. The upgrade is expected to reduce water usage by roughly 20% in this area.
Project Manager: Vito Iacobazzi (253) 305-1027

January 2013 - PAGODA REOPENING - Inspired by Japanese architecture when it was built in 1914, the Pagoda was fully restored after a 2011 arson damaged the roof and structural framing. Additional meeting and gathering spaces were added to host garden shows, classes and community celebrations. Learn more about or reserve the Pagoda.
Design Consultant: BCRA / Contractor: Kirtley-Cole.
Project Manager: Curtis Hancock (253) 305-1052 

Fall 2012 - CONTAMINATED SOIL CLEANUP - Tacoma Pierce County Health Department did a sampling for arsenic and lead associated with the Asarco Plume. They tested the Main Picnic Area/playground next to the zoo, Fort Nisqually picnic area and Fort Nisqually meadow and found contamination that must be cleaned up. The money to do this is coming from the state budget. We are working with Ecology to develop a cleanup strategy to begin fall 2012.
Project Manager: Doug Fraser (253) 305-1019 / Testing: Glen Rollins (TPCHD) / Cleanup: Amy Hargrove (DOE)

June 2011-April 2012 - TRAIL & WAY-FINDING PROJECT - Damaged trail sections were re-built, unneeded or confusing trail sections were closed off, and trailhead signage and wayfinding signage were installed.
Project Manager: Mary Anderson (253) 591-2038


September 2009 - October 2011 - TURF CONVERSION - The grass on Goldfish Hill (the steep uper bowl area) was transitioned to native and Northwest climate adapted plants which provide shelter and food for native and migratory fauna. The carbon emissions associated with the gas powered equipment necessary for maintenance have been elimiinated as well as the need for fertilizer applications. These plants require significantly less irrigation water to thrive and in time will grow to cover the area and provide colorful and interesting blooms and foliage year round. In addition, existing irrigation was modified to be compatible with the new plantings. This site was chosen based on our work with the Green Tacoma Partnership and the habitat corridors designated by OSHRP.
Project Manager: Mary Anderson (253) 591-2038

June - December 2009 - SUPERFUND SOIL MITIGATION/BOWL IMPROVEMENTS - Upgrades to turf areas in conjunction with environmental cleanup of Asarco soils. The entire bowl area was remediated and restored with the exception of 70,000 square feet which did not require remediation. This project was funded by EPA. Soil remediation has been ongoing in Point Defiance Park since 2007, with vast areas on the eastern edge of the entry drive and the southern hill already completed in 2008 and 2009.
Project Manager: Marina Becker (253) 305-1024

August 2007 - MASTER PLAN
Project Manager: Curtis Hancock (253) 305-1052