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Ruston Way

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    • Puget Sound
    • Viewpoint
    • Waterfront

Open ½ hour before sunrise
Close ½ hour after sunset

Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA 98402

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This two-mile long scenic waterfront with panoramic views of Commencement Bay is a great place for walking, jogging, rollerblading and fishing.

Ruston Way Map 


Children's Bell sculpture on Ruston Way Restoration of Children's Bell
Safety barricades will be posted around this piece for several weeks starting April 10, 2014 as restoration work is completed by the City of Tacoma's contractor. Restoration Project Manager:  Dan Cederlund from City of Tacoma.

Originally installed on Ruston Way in 2000, this 4' tall bronze bell is decorated with children around the border and is meant to be rung and accessible by people with disabilities. It was a gift to the citizens and children of Tacoma from Washington PAVE and other private donors to celebrate the life, spirit, and accomplishments of PAVE Founder and Director Marty Gentili (May 26, 1942-February 28, 1993).

runner on ruston way

Ruston Way Tree Program (pdf)
The goal of this project is simply to provide a plan to be implemented over time that will preserve and enhance the overall aesthetic of Ruston Way while
resolving hazardous conditions caused by tree failures and sidewalk lifting. Specific objectives are:
1. To replace diseased and hazardous trees as needed while maintaining the large canopy character of Ruston Way.
2. To solve the long-term problem of tree roots lifting sidewalks.
3. To increase the number of tree varieties for improved sustainability, without compromising the consistent linear boulevard quality of Ruston Way.
4. To increase the canopy coverage in planted areas, by improving tree health and/or planting more trees.
5. To address concerns regarding view blockages without compromising the overall aesthetic of Ruston Way.

Seal PupDo not disturb seals and sea lions - it's the law! If you see a seal on the beach, give it room - at least 100 yards. Dogs should be leashed and kept away. Do not feed seals fish bait as the next bait they find may have a fish hook in it. Chasing, tormenting, molesting, capturing or feeding these animals is harassment and is prohibited. If you see a marine mammal being harassed contact NOAA Fisheries Enforcement Hotline (1-800-853-1964). Harbor seals utilize shoreline locations as resting places (haul-outs) for several hours every day to regulate body temperature, interact with other seals and sleep. Seal pups are born in the spring and summer and need time ashore. If animal has been on the beach for 48 hours or is clearly in distress (injured) contact NW marine Mammal Stranding Network (1-800-853-1964).

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