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Titlow Park

Features You'll Find:
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    • Beach
    • Spraygrounds
    • Bike Trail / Biking / Bicycling
    • Drinking Fountain
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    • Lake / Pond
    • Natural Areas
    • Puget Sound
    • Waterfront
    • Playground (2-5 yrs)

Open ½ hour before sunrise
Close ½ hour after sunset

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8425 6th Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98406

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Titlow Park is a large grassy flat park located near a lagoon and Puget Sound at the base of 6th Avenue.

The extensive beach frontage and estuary lagoon serve as the focal point to park visitors. Other site amenities include tennis and basketball courts, playfields, trails, spraygrounds, playgrounds and picnic areas. The historic Titlow Lodge, formerly the Hotel Hesperides, constructed in 1911 is a central feature of the park.

There are two main trails shown on the map below:
• Hidden Beach Trail (blue) 1.3 miles
• Lagoon Loop (red) 0.75 miles 
• the park is 75 acres  




Titlow Park wayfinding map

Barred Owl in tree at Titlow Park - photo by Connie Hardy

CONDUCT IN THIS PARK (Tacoma Municipal Code 8.27)
Tacoma Police Dept. - Emergency call 911. Non-emergency call (253) 798-4721

  • Smoking is prohibited within all areas of the park.
  • Fires are allowed only in park installed or portable barbecues.
  • Feeding or disturbing any bird or animal in the park is prohibited.
  • Dogs must be on a leash. Please clean up after your pet.
  • Display, possession, or consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
Seal Pup

Do not disturb seals and sea lions - it's the law!

Harbor seals utilize shoreline locations as resting places (haul-outs) for several hours every day to regulate body temperature, interact with other seals and sleep. Seal pups are born in the spring and summer and need time ashore.

If you see a seal on the beach:

  • Give it room - at least 100 yards.
  • Dogs should be leashed and kept away.
  • If animal has been on the beach for 48 hours or is clearly in distress or injured contact NW marine Mammal Stranding Network 800-853-1964.
  • Do not feed seals fish bait as the next bait they find may have a fish hook in it.
If you see a marine mammal being harassed:
Learn more about the history of Titlow Beach Lodge.


Since the creation of a Master Plan for Titlow Park in 2010, a variety of improvements have been made - from trail and habitat restoration to a new playground and spray ground.

Park Attractions to Explore:

Titlow Lodge

Events Happening Here:
  • 01 Aug
    Tiptoe Through the Tidepools
    Tiptoe through the Tidepools All ages, Free Bring your family to explore the beach, learn about tide pool life...
    11:00 am
  • 15 Aug
    Family Nature Walk-Titlow Park
    Explore Tacoma's Parks during this free naturalist-led walk. Discover amazing plants and animals and how they adapt to the seasons...
    10:00 am
  • 20 Aug
    Thirsty Summer Nights 5k
    Thirsty Summer Nights 5k Thursday, August 20 7 pm Titlow Park LEARN  MORE...
    07:00 pm

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