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Wright Park

Features You'll Find:
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    • Art & Artifacts
    • Bike Rack
    • Bike Trail / Biking / Bicycling
    • Drinking Fountain
    • Environmental Education
    • Gift Shop
    • Historic
    • Parking Stalls
    • Restrooms / Seasonal
    • Trail / Hard
    • Trail / Soft
    • Wi-Fi
    • Basketball
    • Horseshoes
    • Lawn Bowling / Bocce Ball
    • Lake / Pond
    • Picnic / Drop in
    • Weddings / Rentals
    • Playground (2-5 yrs)
    • Playground (5-12 yrs)
    • Spraygrounds

Open ½ hour before sunrise
Close ½ hour after sunset

Sprayground Hours
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501 South I St.
Tacoma, WA 98405

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Wright Park is ideal for a leisurely stroll or taking your kids to the playground or sprayground. This 27 acre arboretum is home to a rich collection of more than 600 trees.
The bridge in Wright Park is currently closed due to safety concerns. Work is anticipated to be completed in May 2016.


Come splash, play and cool off! Admission is free. Sprayground Hours


Bowls is a precision sport in which the goal is to roll slightly radially asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closest to a smaller white ball (the "jack" or "kitty" or "sweetie"). This area is also used for the related, popular sport of Bocce Ball. The gates are locked to avoid damage to the green. Any unauthorized cutting, removal, or destruction of the turf is prohibited. To protect the green, only flat soled shoes should be worn, croquet cannot be played here and dogs are not allowed in this area.
Reserve the court (Apr. 1-Sep. 30): 
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The loop trail around the park is 9/10 of a mile.


W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory rentals



Wright Park Arboretum
The Wright Park arboretum will undergo improvements as new tree signage will be installed and related programming materials are developed.
Status: 12/31/15
Signage is being developed, installation has been completed.

Wright Park Bridge Replacement
Demo and replacement of existing bridge over the pond and some ADA upgrades in the park.
Status: 5/20/16
Bridge design development was reviewed by Metro Parks Tacoma staff. Working on railing system, followed by review by Landmarks in June.
Conservatory Improvements
Metro Parks Tacoma is poised to embark on improvements to the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory. Learn more and give your input.

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  • Statue at Entry to Wright Park

    In 1886 the Tacoma Land Company, under the leadership of its president, Charles B. Wright, donated a parcel of land approximately 20 acres in size to the City of Tacoma for the sole purpose of being developed as a public park. His mandate was that 'upon condition nevertheless that said land shall forever be exclusively used as and appropriated for the uses and purposes of a public park.' From this original 20-acre parcel the park quickly grew to its current size of 27 acres filling out 10 city blocks. Read more about the history of Wright Park

  • "Wright Park is the only considerable breathing space reserved to the people thronging the central part of this city." It is the city's responsibility to preserve a place "where the people can get recreation, where children from the congested districts can congregate without danger, and where mothers, nurses, and invalids can find a healthful resort during mid-day without being cramped for space or menaced by shows and their consequent temptations to spend their spare time within the walls of a packed building rather than in the health giving environment of trees, plants and flowers."

  • ~ This quote comes from a document written by the Board of Park Commissioners in 1909 in response to different organizations wanting to build in the park.

  • View the 2005 Wright Park
    Master Plan >


  • Park Attractions to Explore:

    W. W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory

    Events Happening Here:
    • 12 Jun
      Second Sunday Music Series
      Enjoy live acoustic music among lush tropical floral displays on the second Sunday of every month. This month's featured artist...
      01:00 pm
    • 16 Jun
      Third Thursday at the Conservatory
      Visit the Conservatory’s beautiful exhibits during Third Thursday extended hours. Free W.W. Seymour Conservatory 316 S. G St., in...
    • 10 Jul
      Second Sunday Music Series
      Enjoy live acoustic music among lush tropical floral displays on the second Sunday of every month. This month's featured artist...
      01:00 pm

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