Metro Parks Tacoma

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Project Status and Updates

green-triangle-10x10 In Progress
red-dot-10x10 Completed
yellow-square-10x10 Not Started

Partnership Initiatives
green-triangle-10x10  Eastside Community Center
red-dot-10x10 People’s Community Center Pool
green-triangle-10x10  Swan Creek Property Acquisition
green-triangle-10x10  Prairie Line Trail
green-triangle-10x10  STAR Center

Point Defiance Park Projects

green-triangle-10x10 Waterfront Phase I
red-dot-10x10 Master Plan
red-dot-10x10 Fort Nisqually
green-triangle-10x10 Japanese Garden Design
yellow-square-10x10  Viewpoints
green-triangle-10x10 Boathouse, lighting and other facility needs
green-triangle-10x10 Green House Relocation
green-triangle-10x10 Boathouse Facility Complex
red-dot-10x10 Marina Lighting
green-triangle-10x10 Boat Lift Improvements
green-triangle-10x10 Parking and Circulation Study
yellow-square-10x10 Point Defiance Owen Beach Improvements


Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
green-triangle-10x10  New Aquarium
red-dot-10x10  Jellyfish Gallery
green-triangle-10x10  Renovations to Rocky Shores
green-triangle-10x10  Aquatic Animal Care Center
red-dot-10x10   Walrus Pool Upgrades
Northwest Trek
red-dot-10x10 Kids’ Trek
red-dot-10x10 Animal Facility Upgrades
red-dot-10x10 New Pedestrian Bridge
red-dot-10x10 NW Trek Off-Exhibit Animal Housing
red-dot-10x10 NW Trek Infrastructure Upgrades

Other Highlights from Neighborhood Council Areas

West End

red-dot-10x10  Vassault Park
red-dot-10x10  Optimist Park
red-dot-10x10  Baltimore Park
red-dot-10x10 Vassault Park Irrigation Pump

New Tacoma
green-triangle-10x10  W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory
green-triangle-10x10  Foss Waterway Parks
green-triangle-10x10  Wright Park
red-dot-10x10   Swan Creek Park Phase I
red-dot-10x10  Swan Creek Mountain Bike Trails II
red-dot-10x10   Stewart Heights Pool
red-dot-10x10   McKinley Park Pond

South Tacoma
red-dot-10x10   Multipurpose Field at SERA Campus
red-dot-10x10   Wapato Hills
green-triangle-10x10   Meadow Park Golf Course
green-triangle-10x10   Oak Tree Site Upgrades & Art Project
red-dot-10x10  SERA Athletic Complex Lighting
South End
green-triangle-10x10   Wapato Park

North East
green-triangle-10x10   Browns Point Lighthouse

North End
red-dot-10x10 Puget Creek Natural Area

green-triangle-10x10  Tacoma Nature Center