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Destination Point Defiance

View videos and documents from our Open House on February 10, 2018 >
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Coming to Point Defiance: Hammerheads,
new recreation space & more!

Destination Point Defiance LogoDestination Point Defiance is a long-term comprehensive planning initiative started years ago to enhance the park’s experience and honor its character.

The capital improvement bond approved by voters in 2014 is funding much of the related construction work along with grants from the state RCO program, Washington State taxpayers, donors and other sources.

Traffic Alert!
Due to construction of a roundabout at Pearl Street, visitors should be aware of detours within the park. How to easily enter and exit the park during construction >

 For pedestrian routes, click here >


Construction Impacts: What's Happening

Week of March 19, 2018  

Pearl Street Roundabout

  • This week: Crews will continue exporting soil, with traffic flagging for the trucks entering and existing the site. Site work for grading and pouring the curbs will begin this week.
  • Visitors will see and hear relocated traffic flows and signage. construction activity, and hear heavy construction equipment noise and distractions. Expect distractions and short delays.
  • Neighbors will see and hear heavy trucks entering and exiting the construction site. They will so see concrete trucks delivering the concrete for the curbs.
  • Traffic impacts:Traffic will have safety flagging and minor delays in the traffic flow areas for truck to enter and exit the jobsite area. Visitors should be aware that there are detours within the park.  Learn more. To leave the park follow detour signs to the the Mildred Street exit. There is no exit from the park to Pearl street, except for Ferry and boathouse traffic. Traffic flows into the park have been rerouted to allow continued flows into Point Defiance Park and Ferry Lanes.
    Work hours: 7 am-3:30 pm, Monday-Friday
    Roundabout Construction Press Release >


Waterfront Phase I – Triangle

  • This week we will pigseal the remaining portion of the bridge over the ferry road.
  • Visitors will see and hear: Visitors will likely not see anything, the work will be happening at night.
  • Neighbors will see and hear: Neighbors may hear some work at night, but small quiet equipment will be utilized for the night work.
  • Traffic impacts: will be minimal
    Work hours: 7 am to 4:30 am AND 11:30 pm to 4:30 am

Waterfront Phase I - Peninsula

  • This week we will continue building the pavilion walls. The concrete forms will be stripped and interior walls will begin. Landscaping and preparation for seeding will take place, and entrance sidewalks will be prepared.
  • Visitors will see and hear landscape crews, and grading and concrete placement at the entrance.
  • Neighbors will see and hear landscape crews, and grading and concrete placement at the entrance.
  • Traffic impacts: will be minimal.
    Work hours: 7 am-4:30 pm
New Aquarium
  • This week: Completion of the in-tank rockwork. On-going MEP installations, wall framing, roofing.
  • Visitors will see and hear increased traffic and general construction noise.
  • Park neighbors will see and hear increased traffic and general construction noise.
  • Traffic impacts: increased traffic.
    Work hours: Monday-Saturday, 5 am-11 pm



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