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Japanese Garden and Surrounding Area

Schematic Designs March 2016

Option 1 Michi (Pathways)Option 1 Michi Pathway
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Option 2 Oka (Rising Ground)Option 2 Oka
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Option 3 Hashi (Bridge)Option 3 Hashi
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This concept unifies the visitor experience of the multiple gardens at the entry to Point Defiance Park. The main visitor route of travel begins at the west landing of the new pedestrian bridge and contains several segments:

  • Switchbacks over the summit hill
  • Across N. Waterfront Drive through the existing rose arbor
  • By the lodge immersed in a much expanded iris garden
  • To the main entry to the Japanese Garden at the existing Pagoda
Most of the existing garden and proposed teardrop garden designed by the Kitakyushu Greenery Association remains the same. The north service drive is removed, and the proposed bike route turns north from the East Bridge and proceeds west along Trolley Lane eventually to 5-mile Drive. These revisions to circulation and service routes provide an expanded site footprint for the Teardrop Garden site and garden.

This concept expands the garden site by incorporating a major new dry garden site on the brow of the ridge currently occupied by the tennis courts (the courts are relocated to the picnic meadow to the west).

The dry garden is integrated with the existing garden into a contiguous area by eliminating Trolley Lane. The teardrop shaped garden is larger than option 1. The multi use trail follows the top of bluff, north of the garden and crosses the west bridge. The primary entry to the garden is reached up a ramp from the east bridge.

Through fill the wedding lawn is near the grade of the Pagoda Terrace better integrating it within the visitor experience. The east end of the existing lower garden is designed to harken back to the historic dry garden.


This concept extends the garden as an integrated visitor experience from the landing of the east bridge, to:

  • A new garden of 8 bridges
  • Larger teardrop garden
  • The pagoda and terrace
  • The wedding lawn
  • Lower garden

Two additional bridges act as gateways to the garden site: the west bridge from the zoo and the redesigned north bridge and elevator at the marina. The relocation of the multi use trail and service drives to the south allows a quietier space with out potential bike/vehicle conflict with pedestrians. It also allows the hillside below the tennis courts to be available for garden paths and the headwaters of the stream and waterfall.