A new game launches for escape room fans at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum

Fort Nisqually


Fort Nisqually Living History Museum and Metro Parks Tacoma are excited to announce a much anticipated sequel to the critically-acclaimed and award-winning escape game “Trapped: Escape Fort Nisqually.”

The sequel, “Arrested: Escape Fort Nisqually,” will transport players back in time once again.  Fort Nisqually employee John McLeod has been arrested by the Washington territorial governor for aiding the enemy and Dr. Tolmie fears Hudson’s Bay Company secrets will be swept up in the evidence against him.  Your team will race against the clock to recover company secrets before they fall into the wrong hands.

Alongside the launch of this riveting, new escape game, “Trapped” heads into its third blockbuster season. The two games are running concurrently with “Trapped” offered every other weekend and “Arrested” every weekend through March. Each game lasts one hour. There’s room for eight participants in the “Trapped” game and ten in “Arrested.

“Trapped” and “Arrested” are a collaboration between Metro Parks Tacoma and Labyrinth Escape Games of Portland.

Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, operated by Metro Parks Tacoma, is a restoration of the Hudson’s Bay Company outpost and headquarters of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company. Visitors travel back in time and experience life in Washington Territory during the 1850s. Nine buildings are open to the public, including the granary and the factors House, both National Historic Landmarks, and a visitor center with museum store.

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