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Budget & Funding

Funding for Metro Parks Tacoma services comes from a combination of earned revenue, property tax, sales tax, money from the City of Tacoma and grants.

Metro Parks, like other public organizations, is impacted by the lower collection of property and sales tax, and rising insurance costs for both employee health care and coverage protecting our parks and facilities.

Biennial Budget



Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Voter-Approved Measures

2014 – $198 million Capital Bond Measure
Will fund improvements to protect and improve parks and facilities throughout the park district. Highlights include a new Pacific Rim Aquarium, infrastructure improvements to Point Defiance Park and expanded citywide access to recreation.

2010 – Parks & Recreation Maintenance Levi
Added an estimated $4.0 million in revenue to fund basic safety, maintenance, and day-to-day operations for 2011 and forward.

2005 – $84.3 million Capital Bond Measure
Used to pay for improvements to 61 parks districtwide

2000 – Sales Tax Increase – one-tenth of one percent
Used to maintain new exhibits and support park projects in all cities and towns throughout the county.

1999 – $35 million Capital Bond Measure
For Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium renovations and new exhibits.