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Want to make your event more Sustainable?

As an effort to further the sustainability vision of the community, the City of Tacoma created the Green Events Program to help events decrease their impact on the environment.

Events that participate in this program take extra care to ensure that their event is more sustainable by incorporating green initiatives like:

  • Providing bike racks and recycling containers
  • Promoting sustainable transportation
  • Using recycled content paper
  • Donating excess food
  • Reducing waste
  • And more!

Events that participate may qualify for a Green Merit or Green Excellence seal that can be used on promotional materials and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

Benefits of hosting a Green Event

Participating in the Green Events program could result in less waste and lower the costs for you and any vendors at your event.

  • You may see a positive impact on attendance at your event as it is recognized as a Green Event by the City and is listed on the City’s webpage.
  • Demonstrates environmental leadership and encourages other event-holders to host Green Events.
  • Both event holders and event goers will realize the impact events have on the environment, and the actions they can take to help mitigate some of these impacts.

How do I make my event a Green Event?

Visit the City of Tacoma website and follow the steps listed.

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