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Upcoming Activities

No upcoming Ballroom Group Classes & Private Lessons activities. View the calendar for more activities.

All Ballroom Classes take place at:

STAR Center
3873 S. 66th St.
Tacoma, WA

  • Private Lessons
    Weekday Afternoons and Evenings
    $70/Lesson; $650/ 10 Lessons
  • Beginning Ballroom – Group Drop-in and monthly lessons
    Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm
    Drop-in Fee: STAR Pass: $12, Res: $15, Non-Res: $16
  • Intermediate Ballroom – Group Drop in and monthly lessons
    Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm
    Drop in Fee: STAR Pass: $12, Res: $15, Non-Res: $16
  • Group Lesson & Dance – EVERY FRIDAY at STAR Center!
    Friday, Lesson: 7-8 pm
    Dance: 8-10 pm
    Drop in Fee:

    • Lesson and Dance: STAR Pass: $15, Res: $20, Non-Res: $22
    • Lesson Only: STAR Pass: $11, Res: $15, Non-Res: $16
    • Dance Only: STAR Pass: $8, Res: $11, Non-Res: $12
  • Dancing with Parkinson’s/Dystonia
    Saturday, 11 am-12 pm
    $10 Drop-in fee

Wedding Package Special

Be confident and graceful on the dance floor. 
Metro Arts provides the flexibility of scheduling with private lessons or an option to hire a dance pro for the wedding reception to give free lessons and instruction to guests.

Private Lesson with Bride and Groom: $250

  • 4 lessons
  • Instructor can either work on fundamental steps or create a choreographed first dance

Hire a Dance Pro for the Reception: $125/ hour

  • Dance Pro who specializes in running group dances
  • Relieve any concern about guests shying away from the dance floor.
Wedding Dance Flyer

Ready to book it?
Call STAR Center at (253) 404-3939