Registration Dates

Summer Session 5
Lessons held 8/19-30
Registration begins 8/12
Registration deadline 8/16
Pools: Stewart Heights, Kandle, Norpoint

Lesson Info

Ages Groups for Lessons

Lessons are available to:

  • Parent/Child (6-36 months) Eastside, Norpoint, People’s
  • Preschool (3-4) Eastside, Foss, Mt. Tahoma, Norpoint, People’s
  • Youth (5-14) Eastside, Foss, Mt. Tahoma, Norpoint, People’s
  • Adult (15+) Eastside, Norpoint, People’s
  • Private Lessons – Eastside, Norpoint, People’s

What level should I sign up for?

Parent & Child Swim Lessons: With a Swim Instructor guiding the way, parents/guardians with Infants and toddlers will explore the water through fun activities and games. They will develop fundamental water safety skills and develop swimming readiness skills.

Preschool/Tot Lessons: Children 3-5 years old participate without their parent/guardian in the water. This level emphasizes safety and fun in the water while learning basic self-rescue techniques and movements on their front and back with assistance from the Instructor. Children will be assessed and placed into classes on day one.

School-Aged Swim Program: Ages 6 -17

  • Level 1: Children 6 -9 with no previous swim experience are introduced to self-rescue techniques and basic swimming skills on their front and back. They will learn breath control and how to submerge their face in the water. They require assistance from the instructor and are working toward independence.
  • Level 2: Children that are able to submerge their face in the water and perform basic skills will continue to develop comfort in the water, their self-rescue techniques and to increase their endurance. Once they are able to complete their skills without the assistance of the Instructor, they will pass on to Level 3.
  • Level 3: Children that are able to glide on their front and back, float on their front and back and roll from their front to back will learn to retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool and continue to build endurance to swim 15 yards. Work continues on self-rescue techniques.
  • Level 4: Children at this level will learn how to breathe rhythmically and will be introduced to the different ways to move their arms and legs to propel them through the water. Continued work on treading water.
  • Level 5/6: Children at this level will learn how to breathe to the side, continue to explore the techniques of crawl stroke and back stroke, and build the endurance to swim the full length of the pool. They will continue to develop their ability to tread water for 1 minute.
  • Ducklings Club: Introduces swimmers to competitive swimming, with emphasis on proper technique for freestyle side-breathing and backstroke, and teach breaststroke and butterfly. Prerequisites: 25 yards Freestyle and 25 yards Backstroke
  • Neighborhood Swim Team: (summer only) Welcomes youth 7-17 years old with no or little swimming experience. Athletes must be comfortable moving around in water where they can stand and touch the bottom.