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Porpoise Club

This program is for children 6 through 9 years old. A guardian is required to remain at the facility.

Porpoise Club – Students will continue to refine their swimming strokes, build their fitness level, and get an introduction to competitive swimming concepts as well as other water sports (water polo, snorkeling and more). Students must be able to swim 25 yards on their own.

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What swim level should I sign up for?

Winter Session 3
Registration begins 2/21
Registration deadline 2/26
Lessons held 3/2-3/28

Spring Session 1
Registration begins 3/27
Registration deadline 4/1
Lessons held 4/13-5/9
No class 4/27

Spring Session 2
Registration begins 5/1
Registration deadline 5/6
Lessons held 5/11-6/6
No class 5/25


Upcoming Activities

No upcoming School Age Swim Porpoise Club activities. View the calendar for more activities.