kids swimming during lessons

Swim Lessons Preschool 3

This program is designed for ages 3-5. A parent/guardian is required to remain in the pool area. Instructors guide preschoolers through the basics of water adjustment and into water exploration in a safe and fun manner.

Swim Lessons Preschool 3 – Students will continue to develop their fundamental swimming skills by exploring the many ways to move through the water and build endurance to swim 45 feet. Skills covered include fundamentals of elementary backstroke, front and back crawl, water safety skills treading water. What swim level should I sign up for?

Winter Session 3
Registration begins 2/21
Registration deadline 2/26
Lessons held 3/2-3/28

Spring Session 1
Registration begins 3/27
Registration deadline 4/1
Lessons held 4/13-5/9
No class 4/27

Spring Session 2
Registration begins 5/1
Registration deadline 5/6
Lessons held 5/11-6/6
No class 5/25


Upcoming Activities

No upcoming Preschool Swim Lessons 3 activities. View the calendar for more activities.