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Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Metro Parks Tacoma offers a financial assistance program due to generous support from the Greater Metro Parks Foundation. If cost is a potential barrier to participation, City of Tacoma residents may request financial assistance for most scheduled fee-based classes, camps or programs with individual charges.

More information can be found on page 2 of the Financial Assistance Form. Please allow at least two weeks in advance of any activity:

Lane Talmadge Scholarship
This fund was created by Specialized Recreation in Lane Talmadge’s memory and exists thanks to continued donations from Lane’s friends and family. Lane loved theater, movies, puppet shows, music, trips and outings with best friend, Doug. And now Specialized Recreationi participants can enjoy activities as he did. The maximum award per participant is $50 per calendar year. This amount can be used all at once, or can be distributed across multiple courses.

Apply for a Lane Talmadge scholarship

To donate to the Lane Talmadge Scholarship please CLICK HERE and choose “Specialized Recreation.”