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Artwork Title: Art Brief

  • Location: Eastside Community Center
  • Selected Artists: Christopher Paul Jordan and Kenji Stoll
  • Installation Date: May 2017
  • Budget: $30,000

Project Overview:

In November 2017 a committee selected Tacoma-based artist team Christopher Paul Jordan and Kenji Stoll to create an art strategy for the new Eastside Community Center (ESCC). The resulting Art Brief recommends up to 7 different opportunities that were developed based on feedback from the community engagement process, and work with City of Tacoma Arts Staff. Opportunities include:

  • Purchase of existing artworks to display in the center
  • A public art training program
  • Two memorial artworks
  • A youth involved mural
  • Several community history exhibits
  • A large outdoor sculpture to welcome visitors

Creative opportunities suggested in the Art Brief are open to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, or religious background.

Given the cultural and historical context of the Eastside, creative opportunities outlined in the brief will have a strong emphasis on cultural relevancy and equity, and will prioritize artists who can exemplify these connections and experiences.

Eastside artists and residents, people who have strong historical connections to the Eastside, people of Indigenous ancestry, and/or people of immigrant and refugee communities are especially encouraged to participate.