Steering committee for Athletic Fields Siting project

Deadline to submit steering committee applications:  2/21/20 at 3 pm

In 2016, Metro Parks and the Tacoma School District conducted a comprehensive athletic field study that identified a community-wide shortfall of fields to meet current and future needs for youth and community sports and recreation. A subsequent feasibility analysis in 2019 further examined this need along with bringing a new soccer-specific professional sports stadium to the community. Although the second feasibility study proposed a possible site for the sports complex at the Tacoma Community College campus, the recommendation was not intended as a final determination on the location of this multi-field complex.

Metro Parks is now beginning to conduct a more detailed research and review process for potential sites- both those that have already been identified and new locations. Public outreach and engagement are significant components as we consider locations for this much needed complex. The Tacoma Athletic Fields Siting project is a standalone project, unrelated to ongoing Heidelberg Sports Village and stadium analyses.

The steering committee will help guide efforts to determine possible locations for a regional sports complex that could potentially consist of lighted synthetic turf sport fields (striped for multiple sports), parking areas, restrooms and other ancillary supporting infrastructure. In addition, the general public will be afforded multiple opportunities to provide input through a series of public meetings and workshops as the siting project progresses.

The goal is to produce an updated recommendation in late spring. Final decisions will be made in the future by the Board of Park Commissioners and potential partners, subject to available funding.

Thank you to all who have contacted us about this project.

The response from individuals who are interested in staying informed and/or serving on this committee has been phenomenal. We’ve received responses from more than four times the number of spaces on the committee, so we are in the process of reviewing will notify you in the near future when we have identified members to serve that reflect the diverse interests of the community relative to this project.

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