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February 3

Guarding Fort Nisqually

Saturday, February 3 (11:00am - 4:00pm)

Admission $0 - $8

Between September 1855 and April 1856, soldiers from Fort Steilacoom were called on to provide a sense of security at Fort Nisqually. Established as an outpost for the Hudson's Bay Company and operated as the headquarters of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company, Fort Nisqually required steady trade in the Sale Shop. The Puget Sound Treaty Wars left everyone in the region with a feeling of insecurity. Dr. William F. Tolmie requested that US soldiers be posted at Nisqually during the conflict to allow trade to continue. Aside from being good customers, US soldiers were seen here every day for several months while the conflict continued. 

Guarding Fort Nisqually, a living history event, will host a detachment from the 4th US Infantry as would have been assigned to guard Fort Nisqually. They will be joined by a detachment of the Washington Territorial Volunteers, which frequented Fort Nisqually during the conflict. Visit their encampment to learn about the day to day life of a soldier during the 1850s, learn about the Puget Sound Treaty Wars and experience military drill first hand.