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June 1

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Saturday, June 1 (9:30am)

Assemble a team, build a boat, and see how seaworthy your vessel really is!

Teams of at least one adult (age 18+) and one student (age 5-17) will build a boat entirely out of cardboard and duct tape and bring it to Kandle Pool to test its seaworthyness!

Teams are limited to 2 adults (age 18+) and 4 students (age 5-17).

The rules are simple: create the best boat you can using cardboard, duct tape, and your imagination. A time-trial lap around the pool will be the first round, followed by a 'last boat standing' elimination round where the waves at Kandle Pool will be turned on.

Registration is FREE. Sign up to reserve your spot!

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Kandle Pool
2323 N Shirley St, Tacoma, WA 98407

Check-in at 9:00 am
Event Begins at 9:30 am

For more information, contact Christopher McCallister at or (407) 756-8568