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Center for Urban Waters Esplanade

Features You'll Find:
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    • Puget Sound
    • Viewpoint
    • Waterfront
    • Trail / Soft

Open ½ hour before sunrise
Close ½ hour after sunset

326 East D Street
Tacoma, WA 98421
(253) 591-5790

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The Center for Urban Waters Esplanade is a publicly accessible shoreline walkway that incorporates state of the art environmental and sustainable planning practices and materials.

City of Tacoma LogoEnjoy the tremendous views of downtown Tacoma and the maritime activities on the Waterway, but don't forget to stop and admire the low impact design that incorporates native vegetation, tree snags for bird and wildlife habitat, as well as the innovative use of pervious paving materials and raingardens. This site demonstrates the ways in which public access along the shoreline can also benefit the ecological functions of the shoreline environment.

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This park is not managed or maintained by Metro Parks Tacoma.