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CHIP-in Tidbits

Volunteers at China Lake weeding

Accomplished in 2016!

  • 2500 CHIP-in! volunteers logged  53,124 hours in 2016
  • CHIP-in! volunteer hours equated to $1,157,572 in value
  • 47 active CHIP-in! partnership agreements span over 50 parks and open spaces
  • In 2016 there were 2.19 acres of restored natural area habitat and 170 projects completed
Franklin Elementary Enviro Day Clean-up at Franklin Park 2016. Franklin Park - Franklin Elementary Day of Environmental Service
Over the span of 6.5 hours we worked at 4 Stations: Litter Pick-Up, Native Plants, Weeding & Playground. Rotating Kindergarten through 5th Grades for approx. 15-40 minutes per Station was a fantastic endeavor made by nearly 20 classrooms. Our numbers totaled 249 students and 33 adults! The entire school collectively:
  • picked up 8 big bags of litter
  • cleared 50 square feet of invasive species (ivy & Scotch broom)
  • learned how to identify 5 native plant species
    - Sword fern (Polystichum munitum)
    - Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium)
    - Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus)
    - Snowberry (Symphoricarpus albus)
    - Garry oak tree (Quercus garryana)
  • planted and watered native plants in the natural area of Franklin Park
Chris Beale_NatlAreaSteward_WapatoLake Wapato Park
Meet our newest Habitat Steward, Chris Beale.

Wapato Park work parties are held from 9 am -noon on the fourth Saturday of every month.
Volunteers working on park trails.

3 student CHIP in volunteers.
Monthly Volunteer Work Parties make it easy to chip in and make a difference!
  • 1st & 3rd Friday / 9 am-noon
    Tacoma Nature Center
  • 1st Saturday / 9 am-noon
    China Lake Park
    Ryan's Park
  • 2nd Saturday / 9 am-noon
    Franklin Park
    Wapato Hills Park (west side of freeway)
  • 3rd Saturday / 9 am-noon
    McKinley Park
    Oak Tree Park
    Point Defiance Beach Clean Up
    (meet at the Marina)
  • 3rd Sunday / 1-3 pm
    Swan Creek Food Forest
  • 4th Saturday / 9 am-noon
    Charlotte's Blueberry Park
    Wapato Park (east side of freeway)
Group working in Swan Creek Food Forest.

Find upcoming volunteer events for Swan Creek Park

Since 2004, the Chip-In program has been tracking annual volunteer hours that directly relate to an equivalent gross value of what it would take both monetarily and staff wise, to get the same amount of work accomplished. 

In 2014, volunteers gave 47,622 hours of their time, which equated to $1,037,683 in value and a workforce of 25 full time employees. We have 45 Chip-in Partnership agreements spanning over 50 parks and open spaces. 

Individual volunteers helped:

  • Bring their community together
  • Bring their family together and made a difference with a sense of accomplishment
  • Enhance their personal health and well-being
  • Create greater awareness of nature and the environment
  • Promote ethnic and cultural harmony
  • Increase economic vitality
  • Improve their community and neighborhood