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Grand Floral Displays

Whether you need a break from the dreary winter rain or an escape from the busy summer, the Conservatory's flowers are here for you and your family to enjoy! Let the Conservatory's four annual grand floral exhibits surround you with the wonderful fragrances and magnificent colors of the seasons.

Crave Grand Floral Display 2014 CRAVE: AN EARLY GLIMPSE OF SPRING - February 12-April 7, 2019
Experience the wonder and expectation of nature's rebirth.
Featured flowers include azaleas, cyclamen, tulips, clivia, cymbidium orchids, assorted species of winter blooming orchids, and oxalis (purple shamrocks).
Vivid grand floral display at the Conservatory VIVID: A BURST OF SUMMER COLOR - May 7-June 16, 2019
Take a break from the hectic pace of summer to stroll through displays painted with colorful flowers.
Featured flowers include impatiens, salvia, begonias, lilies, caladiums, mimosa pudica (sensitive plants), agapanthus, orchids and coleus.
Conservatory's Crisp Grand Floral Display Sep. 24-Nov. 3 CRISP: AN ODE TO AUTUMN - October 22-November 24, 2019
Celebrate the turning of the seasons with the rich colors of fall.
Featured flowers include peppers, coleus, and exhibition mums.
Lavish Grand Floral Display LAVISH: A FESTIVE VICTORIAN HOLIDAY - December 2019-January 2020 dates TBA
Immerse yourself in the rich aromatic scents of seasonal favorites that welcome you home for the holidays.
Featured flowers include cymbidiums, poinsettias, paperwhites and amarylis.