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Point Defiance Roundabout


Metro Parks is working with the City of Tacoma and State Department of Transportation to smooth traffic flow at the park’s Pearl Street entrance by introducing a roundabout. Point Defiance Park and its attractions are open during construction.

Roundabout Update!
Good news! The roundabout at the park entrance has been fully paved. There are no more detours to enter or exit the park.

Drivers should be aware that there will be periodic traffic interruptions as the contractor completes the balance of the paving, signage, lighting, striping, irrigation, landscaping, etc.

Remaining Detours:

  • Pedestrian detours are still in place. The sidewalks aren’t complete on the project, specifically on the east side. Scroll down to view pedestrian routes.
  • Vehicle detours: There are vehicle detours around Park Avenue since there is no through traffic and permanent curbs or signage are not in place to close off that access.

Make your visit a pleasant one

  • Visit early in the day. When sunny days fall on the weekend we see park useage spike. Be aware that traffic is most likely to back up later in the afternoon when park attractions are closing.
  • Carpool, carpool, carpool
  • Use alternate transportation. Take the bus, ride a bicycle, or walk. (Scroll down to view the pedestrian access map)

Pedestrian Access Into the Park

The route with yellow arrows below is the safest way for pedestrians to enter the park.



Hit the play button to listen in as our project manager discusses the roundabout and waterfront projects and answers questions:

Visualization of completed roundabouts overlayed on the current road configuration: