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Access, Traffic and Parking

Need to park your boat trailer?

Call (253) 591-5325 to find the best options for parking your trailer.

Other options

Use a buddy system so that someone drops you and your boat off and comes back to pick you up when you return as we have very limited parking. (We realize that will have to be a really understanding friend or relative.)

Rent Space at the Marina
Store your boat at the Point Defiance Marina (limited to boats under 17 feet). Find options and pricing online. Call (253) 591-5325 or email to arrange a tour of the locker facilities.

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How do we handle increasing traffic?

With multiple improvements coming to Point Defiance Park we know that more visitors will be coming into the park. Metro Parks wants to increase safety and alleviate congestion. That’s why we began a major Parking & Circulation Study in 2016.

What if we could cut vehicular traffic around the Bowl and Pagoda by 37 percent on a busy Saturday afternoon?

In February, Metro Parks and its consultants presented several options that could

  • Alleviate congestion
  • Improve access to popular attractions
  • Improve the pedestrian experience.

Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey to better understand options for improving traffic inside the park.

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Next steps in the process

The feedback we received about  two-way traffic options, on surveys and social media, is being used to create a "preferred" option. This will be presented at an open house in May before going before the Park Board in June.

Planning decades into the future

The “Parking & Circulation Study” project will inform the implemention of  the recommendations from the 2015 Point Defiance Park Master Plan Update.

The project has three main areas:

  1. A pedestrian loop trail
    In September 2016 the first meeting was held to discuss the first portion of work; Pedestrian and Bicycle circulation and the new “Loop Trail” around the Park. 
  2. Transportation options
    In December 2016, the second public meeting was held where we held a “Transportation and Mobility workshop” where we analyzed and discussed the future of transportation and parking in and around the Park.
  3. Vehicular circulation
    The third meeting in this series was held February 23, 2017, and focused on a couple of key roads within the Park that the Master Plan Update recommended be converted from 1-way to 2-way.

The reasoning behind the proposed circulation improvements includes many factors:

  • With the “Wilson Way” pedestrian bridge under construction, there will soon be a large number of pedestrians and bicyclists entering the Park from Ruston Way.
  • Since these pedestrians will be entering the Park around the Japanese Garden area, reduction of vehicles in this area is a major goal to improve safety.
  • The circulation improvements help reduce the distance cars have to travel to get to their destinations, thus reducing emissions and increasing safety.
  • The improvements to these sections of roads also bring them up to city standards and will have a large impact in attracting public transportation within the park. It is projected that on a future peak Saturday afternoon vehicular traffic around the Bowl and Pagoda could be reduced by 37%.

Tom Dargan, project administrator
(253) 305-1017