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Metro Arts - Recording Studio


Intro to Digital Audio Recording : This class will cover the basics of sound production and recording using Garage Band and Logic Pro Software. Explore the exciting world of Audio Recording where you'll learn how to make beats and tracks and then blend and sweeten them up by using fade INS and fade outs, effects, compression, dynamics and EQ techniques. (1 Hour) 

Students should have a basic knowledge of rhythm, music and how to use a computer before attending this class. (IE saving files, opening windows & using a mouse) 6 Gig Flash Drive Required.

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Podcasting 101: Create your first podcast from conception to release date. Learn how to find your audience and what platforms to market yourself on. Learn the basic techniques required to record a podcast using free software and affordable equipment. Discover best options and practices for posting your content and keeping your audience engaged.

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Rhythm Guitar 101: Learn the basics of guitar playing: how to care for your guitar, how to tune your guitar, string names, and guitar terminology. Learn basic chord shapes to get you playing songs of any genre quickly. Discover free resources for guitar self-study. A Guitar is required for this class.

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Songwrighting 101: What makes a song great? Why do some songs stick in our heads while others are so quickly forgotten? How do you get started? How do you know when your song is finished? Learn how to write songs from conception to final edit. Get tips on song structure like Intros, outros, lifts and bridges. Learn best practices for co-writes and how to network with other artists. Discover outlets around the world to share your songs with.

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Introduction to Rhythms: Learn basic rhythm theory. Understand different time signatures and how rhythmic notation fits together. Explore how rhythms are expressed on different instruments and the world around us. Discover how rhythms define music genres, invoke emotion, and can be fused to create something new. Excellent class for future Producers and Beat Makers looking to improve their drumming and programming skills.

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Into to Pro Tools: Learn the industry standard Recording and Production Software Pro Tools. More Producers and Engineers in the professional recording industry use Pro Tools than any other Music Software out there. Now you can learn the inner workings of this musical beast at East Side CC.  In this course you will learn how to set up and save a template to recall later, mixing techniques, plug INS, recording with Pro Tools, signal routing, Beat and Tempo Matching, editing, and basic music composition.


Get to know our Head Engineer

 Lonnie Perrin 


Studio Rental Rates

ECC Members Pricing:

***Mimimum rental requirement of 1 ½ Hours

  • First Hour - $45
  • Additonal Half Hours - $23 each 
  • 1 1/2 hour min - $68
  • Full Day Rate (8 hours) - $360

Non Member Pricing:

***Mimimum rental requirement of 1 ½ Hours

  • First Hour - $55
  • Additonal Half Hours - $28 each 
  • 1 1/2 hour min - $83
  • Full Day Rate (8 hours) - $400 

To sign up for a recoding session contact Eastside community Center at (253) 404-3990.

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Audio Recording Studio 


The Recording Studio and Music Production Program at The East Side Community Center is an affordable solution for the community to learn the art of modern music recording and production. Our vision is to see musicians of all ages have access to the tools and knowledge required to create modern music.


The studio is headed by Lonnie Mr Mav Perrin who has experience in the music industry for over 20 years.


The East Side Music Program will provide academic courses designed to teach Music Production techniques including Recording with Pro Tools, Garage Band and Logic, Sequencing, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Beat Making, Synth Programming, and Music Theory. During classes each student will have their own Workstation that includes, a Pro Microphone, Mac Book Laptop, 24 bit Interface, Pro Keyboard with Drum Pads, Headphones, Mic stand and Pop Filter.


The studio will also have the latest high-end Recording and Production equipment, as well as a Pro Drum Kit, Pro Keyboards and Guitars, Pro Drum Machine, Professional Microphones Processing and the latest in Audio Plug Ins. Using the industry standard software like Pro Tools and Logic Pro, and the latest technology in Real Time UAD signal processing.