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Ecosystem Services

Youth Planting in the Woods

Most would agree that it is impossible to put a price tag on our parks. But, it is possible to determine the annual economic value of the multitude of community benefits our parks provide.

 Cover of Phase I Economic Impact Study 350w Economic Impact Study - Phase I - January 2010
Examination of how our parks system contributes to tourism, property values and local visitor spending.
View Phase I Economic Impact Study 
View Phase I Summary
 Cover of Economic Impact Study Phase II Economic Impact Study - Phase II - January 2012
Valuation assessment of the annual economic benefits of our parks system's natural and social capital.
View Phase II Economic Impact Study
View Phase II Executive Summary
View Phase II Fact Sheets
View Phase II List of 23 Ecosystem Services
 Graphic-from-Earth-Economics-Fact-Sheets Economic Impact Study - Summary Sheets - December 2012
View Economic Impacts Executive Summary
View Health Benefits at a Glance
View Park System Benefits at a Glance

A critical goal of the study was to define how Metro Parks Tacoma's environmental and fiscal stewardship efforts effectively preserve, protect and enhance community benefits related to recreation and aesthetic value, restoration activities, air purification, storm management and climate regulation provided by our parks system.

Fish in Swan Creek