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Educational Kit: Ready, Cassette, Go...!

undefinedBring this educational kit to your classroom! 

A laborer for the Hudson's Bay Company is traveling down the Columbia River by canoe. He is en route to Fort Nisqually, the Company's trading post on the Puget Sound. Our traveler has with him a small wooden carrying case called a cassette that contains his personal belongings. Look inside this cassette and unlock the story of the Fur Trade in the Northwest.


Educational Kit Includes:

  • Pictures and DVD to introduce the student to the Fur Trade
  • Cassette containing items from the material culture of the Fur Trade
  • Beaver felt hat
  • Period "dress-up" clothing
  • Teacher input and student activity materials

Check Out Procedure:

  1. Call Fort Nisqually Living History Museum at (253) 404-3970 to reserve a kit
  2. Kits are picked up at/returned to Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, Point Defiance Park
  3. Kits can be kept for 1 week (7 days) and can be used by all interested teachers at the school


$30 per week.  Payable by cash, check, or purchase order.

This educational outreach program of Fort Nisqually Living History Museum is made possible by a grant from Washington Commission for the Humanities.

Contact us for more information:

(253) 404-3970