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Educator Workshops

Three Kids Wearing Bird Masks They Made at Nature Center Camp

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  • Although there are currently no dates scheduled for the workshops below, all of the workshops listed are available for private groups (minimums apply) at your venue or at the Nature Center. Contact Michele Cardinaux for details. (253) 404-3930
  • Clock hours are available for all workshops at $5.00 per workshop.

    $50/participant - includes curriculum
    Learn about the animals that live on land in the Northwest. Participants will learn the basics of animal taxonomy, animal family and group characteristics, local species and more! Interdisciplinary activities for every animal group will be provided.

    Nature Center Frog GROWING UP WILD
    $50/participant - includes curriculum
    Developed by the nationally recognized leader in environmental education, Growing Up Wild is a nature-based early childhood program. By participating in this course, preschool teachers and other educators will become familiar with the content and the practice of the activities which include: developmentally appropriate practices, play, health, creativity and snack components, math, literacy and language connections, and more! Open to formal and non-formal educators of children ages 3 - 7. Washington STARS approved training.
    Other Growing Up Wild Facilitators in Washington State:
    Julie Luthy
    Kathy Jacobsen

    Nature Center Frog NOW AVAILABLE! Purchase the Growing Up WILD curriculum in our gift shop for $24.95. You no longer have to attend a workshop to get the curriculum.
    Learn more about Growing Up Wild.

    Nature Center Frog PROJECT WILD
    $50/participant - includes curriculum
    Project Wild was created by an international network of educators and others who work together to develop and implement educational programs and activities. By participating in this course, educators will become familiar with the content and practice of Project Wild lessons which demonstrate a variety of teaching and learning styles. The goal of this program is to assist learners of any age in developing awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment to result in informed decisions, responsible behavior and constructive actions concerning wildlife and the environment upon which all life depends. Open to formal and informal educators.

    Nature Center Frog PROJECT LEARNING TREE
    $50/participant - includes curriculum
    Project Learning Tree is a 35-year old award-winning program designed for youth from preschool through grade 12. PLT grows stewardship student by student by helping educators teach tomorrow's decision makers how to think, not what to think about the environment.