Audio & Video Production - Billy Ray Shirley III Recording Studio

band plays music. closeup shot of drummer playing drums

Billy Ray Shirley III Recording Studio at Eastside Community Center

The studio at Eastside Community Center has the latest high-end Recording and Production equipment, as well as a Pro Drum Kit, Pro Keyboards and Guitars, Pro Drum Machine, Professional Microphones, Processing and the latest in Audio Plug-Ins. It uses the industry-standard software like Pro Tools and Logic Pro, and the latest technology in Real-Time UAD signal processing.

Music Production Program

Eastside Music Program provides academic courses designed to teach audio and video production techniques including Recording with Pro Tools, Garage Band and Logic, Sequencing, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Beat Making, Synth Programming, and Music Theory.

During classes, each student will have their own Workstation that includes a Pro Microphone, Mac Book Laptop, 24-bit Interface, Pro Keyboard with Drum Pads, Headphones, Mic stand, and Pop Filter.

Financial assistance is available for classes at the recording studio.

Rent the Studio for private use

Upcoming Activities

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