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Take a 360 Virtual Tour of the Conservatory

Guided Tours
Guided tours are available for all ages. Learn about the plant collection and the history of the conservatory and Wright Park. Customized tours are also available. Rates are $2 per person with a $20 minimum. Groups are limited to 20 people. Call (253) 404-3975 for more information and availability.

Self-Guided Tour Books
Self-guided tour books are now available at the conservatory to help visitors explore the collection: the Overview Tour, featuring 24 plants and three theme tours, an Orchid Tour, a Carnivorous Plant Tour and a Sculpture Tour. Each book includes color photos and ethnobotanical information for each plant. The pages have also been enlarged and made into signs which are posted in front of plants on a rotating basis.

Guided School Tour: Conservatory Plants & History

Guided School Tour: Wright Park Arboretum Trees

Classroom Materials

Angiosperms Poster
Plant Classification Poster
Begonia Flowers Exercise
Bromeliads Exercise
Ferns Exercise
Ivy/Fig Exercise
Tree Bark Exercise
Tree Leaf Exercise
Carnivorous Plants Photo Tour
Ethnobotanical Plants Photo Tour