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Local Fishing Opportunities

  • Chinook Salmon
    Chinook Salmon, sometimes known as King Salmon or “Black Mouth” have swum these waters for generations. There are large runs of these as they return from their youth spent in the Pacific Ocean when they are 3 or 4 years old. While there they feast on the smorgasbord the ocean has to offer and they grow quickly and become very strong.

    These fish show up in sizes ranging from 10 to nearly 30 pounds! The majority arrive in late July and August but they begin appearances in the spring. These runs return to spawn in local rivers and streams and present a terrific opportunity for an exciting fight and great table fare along the way.

  • Black Mouth
    There are also resident “Black Mouth” who for various reasons decide to stay in the local waters rather than make the sojourn to the ocean. These fish feed on local bait sources and can be found year around in local marine management areas.

  • Silver Salmon
    There are also seasonal runs of Silver Salmon (also known as Coho) which usually arrive in late summer. They are well named as they are strikingly “silver”. These fish are famous for their leaping ability during the fight.

  • Chum Salmon
    Chum Salmon are another species found in local waters. These fish with prominent purple and olive green vertical bars on their sides got the nick name “Dog Salmon” as they have teeth similar to our canine friends on both jaws at spawning time. They arrive late in the year and are the last to spawn.

  • Pink Salmon
    An interesting phenomenon is the Pink Salmon. This smaller species of salmon come back to spawn only during odd numbered years…..but boy do they make a splash!  Also known as “Humpys” due to a pronounced hump forward of their dorsal fin on spawning males these fish respond to nearly any lure colored pink. They arrive in huge numbers and provide a fantastic fishery for the whole family!  Limits are liberal and the action can be furious!

Are you looking for some insight in regards to the best places to fish in Marina Area 11? Leave a comment on our Facebook page and get responses from the local experts.  

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