Primary Trails
All trails are foot traffic only.
Bicycles are not permitted on any trails.

  • Spine Trail – 1.3 miles one way / 2.6 miles round trip
    Rhododendron Garden to Gig Harbor Viewpoint
  • Square Trail – 4.6 miles Outer Loop
  • Triangle Trail – 3.3 miles Inner Loop
  • Rhododendron Garden Loop – .52 miles
    Shelter is 215 ft. from the road


  • Owen Beach to Marina – .79 miles one way
  • Bath House to west access to Beach – .25 miles one way

Secondary Trails

There are approximately 4 miles of secondary trails that don’t have the same level of signage or maintenance as the primary trails at this time.

Outer Loop Closed to Vehicles

Five Mile Drive’s outer loop is closed to vehicle traffic so that pedestrians, runners and cyclists are able to enjoy this forest experience free from conflict with motorized vehicles.

  • Saturday and Sunday until 1 pm
  • Monday thru Friday until 10 am (this includes holidays occurring on a weekday)

Parking is available along the road edge at various locations.
The Five Mile Drive inner loop and all of the Park’s attractions are all accessible to vehicles when the outer loop is closed.

Do Not Feed Wildlife

  • Wildlife can experience malnutrition, disease, and overpopulation due to human feeding.
  • Wildlife often exhibit aggressive behaviors when they become conditioned to expect food from people.
  • Overpopulation is a significant contributor to poor water quality and toxic algae growth, endangering public health and safety.
  • Feeding is illegal and to help curb overpopulation issues, citations will be issued for violations. Feeding carries a $532 penalty. (TMC 8.27.130)
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