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Classroom Programs

Girl Playing Old Fashioned Game at Fort Nisqually

Host a time traveler in your classroom:

A time traveler dressed in period clothing from the 1850s will come to your classroom and tell the story of Fort Nisqually, the first Euro-American settlement on Puget Sound.

The presentation begins with the history of the Hudson's Bay Company, followed by a look at the contents of the trunk that the time traveler has brought from the mid-19th century. It can be geared for grades 1-9 and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Because of the participatory nature of the presentation, it is designed for a classroom rather than an auditorium.

Fees: $80.00 for the first presentation. Please call for additional presentations and for distances beyond 15 miles of Fort Nisqually.

Bring an educational kit to your classroom!

Students will learn the story of the Fur Trade in the Northwest.

Educational Kit Includes:

  • Pictures and cd to introduce the student to the Fur Trade
  • Cassette containing items from the material culture of the Fur Trade
  • Beaver felt hat
  • Period "dress-up" clothing
  • Teacher input and student activity materials

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