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Fort Nisqually Accessibility Info

  • PARKING: There are three designated parking stalls on site. The route to entry is a combination of pavement and compounded wood chips.
  • ENTRANCE: Main Entrance is the accessible entrance. Historic fenced gate is open during operating hours. Doors into the gift shop/admission require less then 8lb of pressure to open. Doors are commonly propped open and staff is available for assistance.
  • ROUTE: There is a 36" + wide accessible route through the gift shop. The outdoor path is 60" wide and is a combination of concrete landings and compounded wood chips. Given that the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum complex is a historically authentic replication, some buildings only have outside viewing opportunities. Where the building allows for accessible routes and turnarounds, ramps into the buildings are provided.
  • ASSISTANCE: Most information, exhibit signage, viewing stations and customer materials are within the 15-48" reach range and 32-60" visibility height. Staff is available to provide assistance with out of reach items, particularly in the gift shop and the education building.
  • RESTROOMS: There are no public restrooms available on site. The restrooms at the adjoining picnic site are not accessible.
  • VIEWING: Where viewing capacity is limited, Fort Nisqually staff have developed alternative materials to provide a visual experience.
  • ASSISTIVE LISTENING: Patrons have the ability to take a cell phone tour during their visit in order to hear audio interpretive information while on site.
  • SENSORY EXPERIENCE: This is primarily an outdoor experience, although many buildings are passed through on a self-guided tour. Guests should make consideration for exposure to natural elements, including allergens.