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Fort Nisqually Volunteers

5519 N. Pearl #11
Tacoma, WA 98407

(253) 404-3970

jessica repp fort volunteer“At Fort Nisqually, we found something we could all do we loved. It’s been fun to see my kids learn history and teach it to somebody else.”
Dana Repp, of Gig Harbor, who volunteers with her husband, Rich, and daughters Janelle and Jessica (pictured, right)

Travel back in time at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum

Fort Nisqually volunteers are a fun, enthusiastic, multi-generational group ranging in age from 6 months to nearly 90 years.

Most volunteers are dedicated interpreters who bring to life the people of the 1850s. It’s not simply a matter of putting on a costume. You get to learn period skills, such as using a blacksmith’s forge or cooking on a wood stove.

Volunteers often research mid-19th century life to deepen their own understanding and share it with the public. Often, volunteers’ other hobbies come to life at the Fort, since volunteers also help behind the scenes with gardening, sewing, and repair projects.

Fort Nisqually volunteers support and assist the staff in a variety of unique projects and interesting activities. Special training sessions are offered throughout the year and volunteer possibilities include:

  • Re-enacting (portraying the past with hands-on living history)
  • Behind the scenes support
  • Research
  • Craft/Skills demonstrations
  • And more!
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Current Volunteers

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Fort Nisqually volunteers are a part of the Friends of Point Defiance Park