Metro Parks Today: Dec. 2018


December 2018: News and Notes

Fantastic public information and where to find it

I lived for years in the Upper Midwest, and this time of year was perfect for bundling up inside and reading while snow piled up outside. We don’t have much snow out here on Puget Sound, but we do have some good reading (yes, Metro Parks is still a government agency):

  • The Park Board passed the district’s 2019-2020 budget on Dec. 10, and you can read all about it online at This gives you a sense of the park district’s priorities (click here to read an article about those) and plans for the next two years.
  • If you want more on agency plans and priorities, such as its strategic master plan, its mission, vision & values statement and its sustainability plans, you can find these at
  • And if you’d like updates on how the park district is stewarding the $198 million voter-approved capital improvement bond, you can read about those at

They’re not Dickens, but they can make for some good fireside reading.

Eastside Community Center gets LEED Silver certification

Here’s a great piece of reading material: Metro Parks recently received word that Eastside Community Center received final LEED Silver certification. In short, it means the building met a set of green building standards – things like good stormwater design, water-efficient landscaping and optimized energy performance of systems.

You can read about it by clicking on this link.

Holiday events

Ending on a cold-weather note: This isn’t the Midwest, but we have lots of wintery events still on the schedule as the year closes.

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