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Championship 18

Designed by acclaimed course architect, John Ball, the course has been a fixture in South Tacoma for over 100 years. Families seeking to enjoy the game together may “Play it Forward” by choosing one of five different tee box and yardage options.

View Championship 18 Scorecard & Hole Layout

Hole 1
The opening hole is a straight shot par 4 stretching out at over 400 yards from the back tees.  Trees line both sides of the fairway requiring a precise tee shot.  This two-tiered green is bordered with approach shot catching bunkers in the front left and back right corners.  Par is an excellent score to start your round.

Hole 2
What the second hole lacks in distance, it easily makes up for in narrowness and direction, a strong dog-leg to the left hole.  Tee shots with a long iron or hybrid errantly hit right may find a resting place amongst several trees or up against the Out of Bounds fence bordering Lakewood Drive West.  Missing too far left dismisses the opportunity of hitting the green in two, as tall trees line the left side.  The green lies between a large bunker on the left which stretches the entire length of the green and a small bunker on the front right side.

Hole 3
This 433 yard par-4 is the third most difficult hole on the course.  A left to right tee shot is required to wrap around this smaller dog-leg right with a strategically placed tree to the right within reach off the tee.  A Long iron to metal wood approach shot is required to reach this long, narrow green in two.  Players may opt to bail out right for an uphill chip to this skinny green with a noticeable false front. A small bunker can be found on the left side stretching from the middle of the green to the back portion. Even a bogey-5 is not a bad score on this one!

Hole 4
The first par-3 of the round averages 170 yards and requires a precise tee shot.  Adding one more club isn’t a bad idea off this tee.  Anything left, right or short will find the tall native grass.  The green is two-tiered with a large tree on the front right side.  Shots finding this tree will undoubtedly result in the dropped stoke.  One bunker lines this green on the left side.

Hole 5
The long hitters can easily reach this short par-4 off the tee.  Trees surround these three elevated tee boxes requiring a tee shot to begin left and work back to the right side.  Beware of water short, as a large pond will drown anything short and left of the green.  Bailouts to the right will find trees and grass bunkers greenside.  Drivers that do find the green will hold, as this green is large with an upward slope.

Hole 6
The sixth hole is a 310 to 335 yard par 4 with tree lines stretching the entire length of the hole.  The line off the tee is to hug the left side as much as possible.  The green can be found following a dog-leg left.  Tee shots missing right can be Out of Bounds if carried over the large humps.  This large green collects short second shots in a small valley just before the front edge.  Balls landing on the green will release forward on this severe front to back sloping putting surface. 

Hole 7
The only par-5 on the front side runs 526 yards in length but plays longer due to the uphill nature of the hole.  Tee shots should work left to right and find the bottom of the fairway hill.  The only troubles before the green are the trees lining both sides of the fairway.  The green is protected by the small bunker on the front right side and tall native grass running left and behind the green.  The green has two distinct tiers and is rather large.  Be sure not to miss this green long, as the slop will run errant shots to the tall grass.

Hole 8
The eighth hole is a 150 yard par-3.  The front left bunker is a very large, beginning almost ten yards in front of the green.  The greenside lip has a large lip requiring balls against it to be either blasted out or hit sideways.  One smaller bunker can be found long and right-center for longer tee shots.  For back left flags consider playing the yardage to the center of the green over the large bunker lip and allowing the slope of the ridge to release the ball to the back.

Hole 9
The ninth hole is another long 400 yard+ par-4 with Out of Bounds left as Lakewood Drive West again runs parallel the entire length of the hole, and a heavy tree line right divides the ninth and first hole.  The best tee shot finds the right side of the fairway giving players an open second shot to the green.  Anything left brings a small tree into play which stands on the front left side of the green.  A long bunker runs along the right of this green.  Out of Bounds come very close into play long and right of this green.

Hole 10
The back nine begins with another relatively short yardage par-5 but plays considerably longer due to its uphill terrain. Much like many holes at Meadow Park, this hole is lined from tee to green with tall trees.  Tee shots should work left to right to avoid a right-center placed fir in the fairway.  The fairway then becomes considerably narrower as it approaches the smallest green on the course, protected by small bunkers both front left and back right.

Hole 11
The eleventh hole is a par-4 playing a strong 416 yards from the back tee.  What looks to be a fairly straight forward hole from the tee box is actually one of the more difficult holes found on the course.  The entire hole is scaled uphill and almost always played into a summertime head wind.  This smaller sized green is also protected by a small bunker on the right side.  This green is very firm, causing approach shots to release more than expected.

Hole 12
Meadow Park’s “Amen Corner” begins with a tricky 326 yard par-4 which requires players to hit a blind tee shot to a fairway at the bottom of a large hill.  The more skilled player can work the ball left to right setting up a simple wedge shot to the green.  However, too far right or left and players will be dropping a stroke for certain to punch back out of trouble.  Approach shots hit left of the green may find a lateral hazard. The small, domed-shaped green is also very firm and runs from center to its corners.

Hole 13
Meadow Park’s signature hole is this 108 to 168 yard par-3 which requires players to hit their tee shot very straight over a large 60 foot deep ravine to skinny up-sloping green.  There is one large bunker right center of this green.  Players who fall victim to the ravine have the option of playing a new ball from the front of the main tee box or dropping on the other side in the drop zone, found front left and right.

Hole 14
The final stop at Meadow Park’s “Amen Corner” is a 363 yard par-4 requiring players to hit an extreme left to right tee shot from an elevated tee box to a left to right sloping fairway below.  Too far left and players will find themselves blocked out from the green by a large tree planted in the front left of the green.  This large green has several levels and forces players to play wisely into it.  Playing to a back pin will cause balls to release over the green and down to the rough below.  Even a bogey-5 is not a bad score on this one!!

Hole 15
The fifteenth hole is a drivable par 4 measuring only 263 yards, uphill from tee to green.  With reward does come risk on this one.  Missing your drive too far right sends tee shots Out of Bounds.  Missing left produces the possibly of a lost ball and blocks all approaches to the green.  This small green has only one bunker front right and slopes severely from left to right.

Hole 16
The sixteenth hole is another fun risk/reward par-5 measuring only 461 yards.  A right to left tee shot is required to set up a go for/layup approach to this green, but keep note of the fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway is also very much in play.  Your approach shot must carry the pond surrounding the front and right of this green, yet stay right of the front left pot bunker.  This is another up-sloping green with everything breaking towards the water.

Hole 17
The final par-3 is a tricky uphill 141 yard hole over the adjacent pond from hole 16.  Always add an extra club off the tee to get it there.  The green has a slight incline and, like the sixteenth, breaks towards the water.

Hole 18
Meadow Park’s finishing hole is a challenging right to left, almost 400 yard par-4.  Tee shots should favor a right to left movement, avoiding the fairway bunker on the right side.  This larger scale green has a small incline and is protected by a large bunker on the front left side.  Balls that find this bunker will face a large lip to the green.  Finish strong with a birdie or par on this one before you head to the Grille for a cold beverage.