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Commitment to the Environment

Prairie Restoration Partnership Project
We are committed to putting the "Meadow" back in Meadow Park! As a result you'll find that the out of play areas are maintained at a greater height than most courses. This purposeful approach to course operations results in the use of less water, pesticides, herbicides and reduced emissions as a result of decreased mowing.

 It also provides important plant and animal habitat. Together we are re-introducing species such as Camas, Lupine, Western Red Columbine and species of concern, Aster Curtis. As part of the greater effort, we'll also house salvage plant materials to help the Alliance propagate additional vegetation within our open naturalized area for use in other prairie restoration projects throughout the county. 
Partner: Native Plant Salvage Alliance
Community Support: REI, Tacoma Community College, Washington Conservation Corps, Washington Native Plant Society and Green Tacoma Partnership

Natural Lawns Partnership Program
Our employees have turned the clubhouse lawns into a demo area to help educate visitors about organic fertilizers and provide an opportunity to assess the differences between lawns that have been fertilized with Tagro, Sound Gro, Walt's Fertilizer, Pierce County Prep Compost and a sulfur coated urea, a slow release inorganic fertilizer.
Partner: Pierce County Health Department

Students Partnering to Learn More About Birds
Meadow Park serves as a valuable outdoor laboratory for Mt. Tahoma High School juniors and seniors, who build and install birdhouses at the park where they can conduct real life studies. Meadow Park Golf Course and The Tahoma Audubon Society hosted a Birdathon where 22 different species of birds were observed.

Pilot Test Bio Retention Cell
The system is designed to provide low impact golf cart wash rack facilities which allow for water treatment and filtration back through the ground naturally.
Partner: WSU

Salmon Safe Program
Located along Leach Creek, Meadow Park was selected by Stewardship Partners' new "Salmon Safe Program" as one of three golf courses to help develop a pilot program for sustainable environmental practices.

Audubon International Certification
Last year, Golf Course Manager Chris Goodman applied to complete Audubon International's Certification for Golf Courses.

We have already earned our Water Conservation certification and staff members are now working on Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat, Chemical Use and Outreach & Education certification.

We expect to complete all modules for full certification within the next year.