Bike Helmet Giveaway

Bike Helmet Giveaway begins Sept. 1, while supplies last

Stop into People’s Center or Eastside Community Center to pick up your free bicycle helmet, courtesy of the Puyallup Watershed Initiative. Helmets are available for adults and children while supplies last.

Helmet recipient must be present; no helmets will be given without the recipient being fitted in person.

Bicycling can be safe, healthy and enjoyable – but, all too often, crashes do occur. From 2010 to 2014, there were 222 bicyclists of all ages hit by cars in the City of Tacoma – one every eight days. And these are only reported collisions with cars, many more crashes go un-reported or are caused by potholes, debris, rider error, or other factors.

Helmets can improve outcomes in a crash, and we believe that no one should have to ride without a helmet because barriers like cost, location, or accessibility prevent them from getting one. Helmets are also required by law. Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) Chapter 11.30 states “Any person bicycling, skateboarding, roller-skating, or riding as a bicycle passenger on or in tow of a bicycle, [etc.] upon any public area in the City of Tacoma shall wear an approved helmet.”

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