High School Apprentice Interpreter Program

The Apprentice Interpreter program begins in January of each year. It is a hands-on learning program that incorporates re-enactor skills and the learning of trades as part of a comprehensive training program.

The program gives high school students the opportunity to enhance their 19th century skills in order to share these with the public. This involves both learning and leading as part of the program and includes volunteering at Fort Nisqually as an integral part of the learning experience.

Monthly Meetings

Each meeting consists of Skills’ Learning, (creating a character, trapping skills, needlework skills, period clothing, etc.) and/or a discussion to strengthen knowledge of the mid 19th century and understanding of character and first person reenacting skills as well as leadership skills.

Volunteer Commitment

All Apprentice Interpreters are expected to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours a month as well as attend monthly meetings. This time commitment can be spread out as it fits in the Apprentice Interpreter schedule.

How to become an Apprentice Interpreter

Program begins in January of each year.

  1. Send in your application by December 1.
  2. Interview with Apprentice Interpreter staff.
  3. Upon acceptance, pay $75 membership fee (this covers staff time and materials).
  4. Attend the monthly meetings and start scheduling your volunteer hours.

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