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Kandle Park Play Area Accessibility Info

  • PARKING: Yes - designated for Park & Pool
  • WATER FOUNTAIN: Yes - attached to restrooms
  • SURFACE: Completely rubberized
  • SWINGS: Yes - (0) high back support swings (one has been requested)
  • GROUND PLAY: Equal number and type of ground and elevated elements
  • ADAPTIVE PLAY: Ramped access to AeroGlider and all play structures; transfer to seats and saucer
  • SENSORY PLAY: Manipulatives, Imagination
  • PLAY TABLES: (2) play tables under each play structure
  • SHADE: Limited surrounding play structure; some structure alcoves
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: Many picnic tables surround the structure; not enclosed
  • SPRAY: A few water features adjacent to playground. Site is next to enclosed Kandle Pool water park.