Metro Parks Tacoma


There are several parking lots within the Marina complex. Day use parking is free for those using the facility. Overnight parking is available but requires payment of a fee. Payment for overnight parking can be made at the launch pay station or at the Marina tackle shop. Annual fees must be paid at the tackle shop.

Parking fees:
  • Free: Day use parking
  • $10 per night
  • $300 annual (calendar year)

Parking Changes for Point Defiance Park

The parking pattern will change several times until summer 2018, when we open a brand-new 11-acre park on the peninsula at Point Defiance Park, an elevated walkway to link Ruston Way and Point Defiance Park, and new and improved vehicle/trailer parking. 

Until that time, parking will be limited.

Bear with us, and you’ll see a more exciting, more accessible, more enjoyable park.

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