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Metro Arts Ballet

Metro Arts Ballet

All ballet classes are designed with consideration of the age of the student so that technical proficiency and cognitive ability go hand in hand. Ballet instructors use a curriculum and syllabus designated for each age/level. Part of the class culture is to explore creativity within set guidelines so the students feel both emotionally and physically safe. Classes are closed rehursal but we invite parents in on the last day of class to see what the students have been working on. See explanation of levels listed further down on the page.


Sign Up for Ballet:
Sign up now, pay later! Reserve a spot in class for multiple sessions and pay one session at a time. Sign up online


Dress Code for Ballet Classes:

  • Females- Students should wear pink ballet slippers, pink tights and any color leotard to class. Ballet skirts are aloude but must be above the knee in length.  If hair is neck length or longer, hair should be in a bun for each class.You can find ballet attire at Target, Walmart, The Dance Collection or online. 
  • Males- Students should wear white t-shirt, black leggings or shorts and black ballet slippers. Black or white socks may be worn with ballet slippers.

Class Locations: 

Eastside Community Center (253) 404-3990
1721 E 56th St
Tacoma, WA 98404

STAR Center (253) 404-3939
3873 S. 66th St.,
Tacoma, WA  98409

Center at Norpoint (253) 404-3900
4818 Nassau Ave N.E.
Tacoma, WA  98422

People's Community Center (253) 404-3915
1602 S. MLK Jr Way
Tacoma, WA 98405

School of the Arts (253) 305-1039 - MPT Number 
1117 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

First Creek Middle School (253) 305-1039 - MT Number 
1801 R 56th St.
Tacoma, WA 98404


All Metro Arts Dance classes are invited to participate in two performance opportunities during the year.

Winter Arts Showcase- "No Frills" & held in mid-December. This is an informal celebration of what the students have been working on during the fall sessions of class. Each class will have the chance to perform on stage. There is no charge to attend and no costume to purchase. Music and Theatre classes are also invited to perform.

Spring Production- "All Out" & held in the beginning of June. This is a large scale show, complete with backdrops, costumes, props and set pieces. The Theatre Company also performs alongside the dancers to make a more cohesive performance. Those who choose to participate will be required to register for the performance and the same dance class during the winter & spring sessions of class. Deadlines to register for the performance are in January of each year and need to be in the same class from January - June. Dancers are invited to participate, but it is not a requirement to be in ballet class. To learn more about our 2019 spring production follow the link!



  • 3-4 Year: All Beginning Level. Students will focus on socialization, through teamwork & sharing, learning appropriate dance etiquette and how to follow directions. Students also learn basic ballet vocabulary, such as positions of the legs, a few arm positions, jumps and confidence in moving freely through the room with the use of pathways and levels. Creative Movement also takes place with this age group.
  • 5-7 Year: Beginning/ Intermediate Level. Students begin to learn more advanced movement, with the warm exercises starting to take place at the barre. Students will learn all the positions of the legs and arms, work on recognizing each movement by name, continue to develop dance etiquette, begin to articulate through the feet, gain exposure to turns and jetes across the floor, with a focus on the ability to memorize choreography and perform without the assistance of an instructor. Students will learn simple adagio and petite allegro combinations to help with the memorization of choreography. In this level, students start to learn performance techniques and are working toward a greater understanding of spatial and body awareness.
  • 6-8 Year: Intermediate Level. Students will take class in this level twice a week and already have knowledge of basic positions of legs and arms, as well as an ability to demonstrate appropriate dance etiquette. They are beginning to work on posture and alignment, are aware of turning out from the hips and can demonstrate their understanding of all vocabulary learned in the 5-7 year levels. They will do a full barre with memorization, begin to focus on head direction and increasing body awareness. Foot articulation is already in place. Students will focus on strengthening exercises, furthering of technique and demonstrating proper posture and alignment. In this level, there is considerably more focus on vocabulary, where students predominantly recognize nomenclature without being shown by the instructor. *Instructor permission is required.
  • 8-12 Year: Beginning Level. Similar to the 6-8 intermediate level classes, with the exception of the review of ballet terminology and dance etiquette. Students will focus on correct placement/alignment, as well as understanding rotation of the hips. Students will focus primarily on building proper technique and practicing fundamental steps of ballet in shorter segmented repetition to gain quicker understanding of the individual movements. Students in this level will go through barre, center and across the floor exercises that may be repeated from week to week in order to develop technical ability. Students will learn choreography and perform without the assistance of the instructor. Choreography consists of multiple pathways and direction changes.
  • 8-12 Year: Intermediate Level. Class will meet twice a week. Students are expected to fully demonstrate appropriate dance etiquette with full recognition of ballet terminology, appropriate to their age and skill level. Students will perform a full barre warm up that is memorized, petite allegro and adagio in center, a variety of turns across the floor, grand jetes, positions in arabesque and various facings in center floor. Students are working toward maintaining posture/alignment throughout the entire class, in particular while shifting through the various exercises using transfer of weight from foot to foot. Students are able to memorize longer combinations quickly, with emphasis on technique and performance qualities. *Instructor permission required.


  • 13 Year and Up: Beginning Level. This class is listed under the title "Stretch and Strength". It is a very fundamental ballet class, which takes beginning ballet concepts and hones in on using the correct muscles to build a strong core and rotators, as well as using alternative stretching techniques to increase flexibility. Students who typically start out dancing when they are teens or adults have needs that are specific to their age and experience. This class is tailored to address those needs.
  • 12 Year and Up: Intermediate/Pre-Pointe Level. Students in this class will meet twice a week. Etiquette, terminology, barre, center and across the floor combinations are longer, requiring these dancers already having strength and endurance. There is an emphasis on batterie (beats) with petite allegro and artistry in adagio and grand allegro combinations. Placement is refined, and the main focus is technical ability and greater understanding of performance qualities. Students in this class will be working toward pointe, but not necessarily be ready right away. *Instructor permission required.