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Visual Art on Display at Metro Parks Facilities

Metro Arts gallery spaces within Metro Parks Tacoma facilities allow greater accessibility to viewing of public art. All of the gallery spaces are free of charge and open to the public within each facility's hours of operation.

Metro Arts is accepting applications for 2016/2017 gallery exhibits.  Galleries are on a 4 month rotation. If you are interested in participating in a Metro Arts Gallery please fill out an application and email it to Molly Schryver at

Gallery Application


  • Center at Norpoint (4818 Nassau Ave N.E Tacoma, WA 98422) 
  • STAR Center (3873 S. 66th St. Tacoma, WA 98409) 
  • Portland Avenue Community Center (3513 Portland Ave Tacoma, WA 98404) 

Gallery Session: 

  • January - May 
  • May - September
  • September - January

If inquiring about open sessions in 2018, contact 

Currently on Exhibition at STAR Center

Oil Paint - Kelly Falk

Artist's Words : I've always had a fascination and curiosity for art. My grandmother was an incredible acrylic painter and that's where my interest began. I took art class in high school, but it wasn't until my aunt took me to a painting class in 2011 that I was really inspired to dip into my own creativity. I struggle with intractable epilepsy, and art, particularly this year, helped bring meaning and purpose to my life. Being mostly self taught, I feel like I'm constantly learning and changing my style. I recently started to play with texture and color as dominate features. And I fell in love with painting animals. Whether I'm working on a landscape, flowers or a new creature, painting makes me happy. Knowing that other people will get to enjoy them makes me even happier! 















Currently on Exhibition at Norpoint

January - May 2017

Photographs Of Life - Molly Schryver

Molly Schryver is Metro Parks very own Arts Coordinator. She recently graduated from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) with her degree in Visual Arts and a concentration in Photography. You can see Molly around many of Metro Parks locations where she teaches youth dance and arts classes.

This set of work was based on Molly’s interest in the idea of capturing a personal moment that everyone can experience. Over the last few years she has explored lost legacy through portrait work, nature though her scenic photography, and explored the different sides of her life through her city and rural area work. Molly believes by capturing these moments she is able to help people recognize the beauty that they are enveloped in, even if it is part of their everyday life. Molly’s goal is to be able to help people find a common ground through art, whether they enjoy the work or disagree with it,  it is still something that anyone can relate to and come together to appreciate. She believes that in this crazy life we all live, we are in desperate need to take a pause and enjoy those memorable moments, take a breath and celebrate the gifts that surround us.

This work is about life, breath, love, and enjoying the simple but sometimes forgotten things in our lives.