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Winter Arts Showcase - 2018!

undefinedWinter Arts Showcase

Important Info: 

Date: Saturday December 15, 2018

Location: Wilson High School (1202 N Orchard St, Tacoma, WA 98406)

Time:    Cast 1: 10:00am                 Cast 2: 2:00pm

Price: Free

Check in Time: Will be assigned by class. Only staff and approved volunteers are backstage with the classes.

**Doors to open 20 minutes prior to the performance. Only staff and approved volunteers will be allowed into the space prior to this time.

We are very excited for this year’s Winter Arts Showcase!  For those of you who are new to our programs or who have not taken part in this event, the Winter Arts Showcase is a “no frills” and free opportunity for students in our performing arts programs to demonstrate what they have been learning and working toward during the fall sessions. It’s also a great time to allow your child the chance to perform and see how well they like it, in particular as preparation for the large scale production Metro Arts puts on each spring.


This year we are trying something new and will be having two performances. We will have a 10:00AM performance and a 2:00PM performance. Your class will only be performing in one show. Cast assignments are based on students with siblings also performing and students in multiple classes. With our new venue being Wilson High Schools theatre and the new format of keeping performers backstage, audience members are sure to enjoy it! The performances will run about 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration, with the goal to get everyone out as soon as possible. 


Winter Arts Showcase will be run similar to how our spring productions are ran. Your child will be back stage for the entire show; this is a great way to give you and your child an idea of how it will be in the spring. You will be checking your child in, and they wait back stage with their instructor and a parent volunteer until they go on stage. Once the show is over you will check your child back out from their instructor and will then be able to head home. If you decide to participate in this show we will be handing out Medical Forms for you to fill out about your child and will need to be turned back in to your instructor by the week on November 26th- December 1st.


With our children being back stage and because we only have a short amount of time before this show, this year we are asking parents that have already been through the background check process with us and were approved for the 2018 spring production of Alice in Wonderland  to please volunteer again. This will be another fun opportunity for you to enjoy. There is less involved because there is not a costume change. However, staff will still need some help.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions feel free to contact Christopher McCallister at by November 19th You will be able to find the volunteer application at the link below. Once the application is filled out you can turn it into the Metro Parks Main Office at 4702 S 19th Street or you can email it in.

Volunteer Application -

We also need a up-to-date medical form for each student performing in the show. Please fill out the form and email them to Molly Schryver or give them to your dance instructor by the last week of class (November 26th - December 1st) 

If you have any questions of concerns about the Winter Arts Showcase please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Molly Schryver                             Christopher McCallister

Arts Coordindinator                      Arts Recreation Technician 

(253)-861-7174                            (407)-756-8568